Monday, January 7, 2013

Swiss Economic Forum 2012


Bahamian Leadership Coach and Consultant Dr. Myles Munroe was welcomed as the highly estimated Keynote-Speaker at the Swiss Economic Forum this week in Interlaken Switzerland. In the auditorium of over 1300 entrepreneurs, politicians, top executives and key people from the field of politics, science and media headed by chief host Mr. Stefan Linder commenced in the leadership and economic conference.

Dr. Myles Munroe was invited to present the keynote session at the SWISS ECONOMIC FORUM along with other Government and Corporate leaders on the topic of "Leading in times of Change and Crisis." It was the first time Dr. Munroe was officially in Switzerland and he also address leaders in the capital city of Berne for two additional days.   

The Swiss Economic Forum was founded in November 1998 by the two young enthusiastic entrepreneurs Stefan Linder and Peter Stähli. Within five years, the Swiss Economic Forum became a top national organization for the encouragement of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe.

 Every year, 1300 leaders from business, politics, science and media participate at this unique high-profile summit. Dr. Myles Munroe was welcomed to The Swiss Economic Forum which bring together more than 1‘300 Entrepreneurs as well as selected politicians, top executives as well as representatives from academia, NGOs, science and the media.

Stephan Linder, host of this historic event expressing his excitement in have Dr. Munroe as this year's Swiss Economic Forum said "In total, more than 1‘300 participants gather for this high profile two-day event. We are focussing on the crucial issues and trends that are shaping business today and tomorrow. We focus on human resource, global business, innovation up to leadership and upcoming opportunities." He continued, "Dr. Munroe's unique perspective on leadership makes him an excellent contributor to our efforts here in Europe"  

Enormous Media impact

Dr Myles Munroe was introduced to the broad European Community through The Swiss Economic Forum which generates enormous media attention every year. More than 13 hours of live broadcasting is produced by Swiss State Television (SF). The forum attracts every year more than 120 journalists organizations, editors in chief, and several radio stations. The live broadcasting has an average audience of 150‘000 people.

World Leaders @ Swiss Economic Forum

Dr. Myles Munroe name has been added to a list of outstanding world leaders who have graced the stage at the Swiss Economic Forum. The world’s most renowned figures in the field of economic, leadership, science and innovation share their insights and provide actionable strategies for improving the company’s performance. With our program, we bring in a new awareness of the need for business that is sustainable both economically and environmentally and therefore redefining the playing field on which businesses at every level can operate in the future. Every year the Swiss Economic Forum brings together an incredible line up of outstanding international speakers. With their tailor made speeches and background information they provide and share with the participants and entrepreneurs they generate a new awareness for of the need of business that is sustainable, both economically and environmentally and therefore redefining the playing field on which businesses at every level can operate in the future.Dr. Munroe is now in the company of great leaders In the past, including personalities such as former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, former US Vice-President Al Gore, serial entrepreneur Richard Branson, former premier minister of the united kingdom Tony Blair, former WTO Director-General Michael Moore, former President of Germany Gerhard Schröder, Mary Harney Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, Anita Roddick, Founder and President of “The Body Shop”, Dr. Victor F. Vekselberg, Russian entrepreneur and investor, Dr. Daniel Vasella, Chairman and CEO Novartis AG, Ruedy Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York City and many more. Of course every year the president of the Swiss government is among our keynote speakers, too.

Dr. Munroe and his wife Ruth continued on their speaking tour to Amsterdam Holland and Rome Italy.

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