Monday, January 7, 2013


Dear Friends,

Shalom and Greetings from Jerusalem Israel!

Ruth and I along with my partner and brother Roni Wexler along with over 120 kingdom citizens and pilgrims from over 30 nations began our first day today in Jerusalem Israel for our ISRAEL KINGDOM STUDIES TOUR.

The excitement and anticipation was like electricity as the global group arrived at the Ramada Jerusalem Luxury Hotel in the heart of Jerusalem.

Partners, Kingdom students, Friends and Family, Pastors, Teachers, Laymen and Professionals joined Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe for the years' 2011 Israel Kingdom Studies tour.

Dr. Munroe led the group of excited pilgrims to the Model of Jerusalem, then to Shrine of the Book to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, and then it was on to the peak of Mt. Scopus, where the group saw their first view of the City of Jerusalem.

Dr. Munroe then led the group of over 120 pilgrims to the UPPER ROOM in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. The excitement in the air was unbearable as the group gathered in the place where the Church began on the Day of Pentecost.

As the 120 believers gathered in the Upper Room, Dr. Munroe mounted the steps of the Upper Room and began his first teaching session on the Return of the Kingdom Governor, the Holy Spirit to earth in that room 2000 years ago.

Worship rang out the same Spirit that fell in that room 2000 years ago fell again as hands went up in praise and worship and all began to speak in other tongues.

On leaving the upper room Dr. Munroe led the group to the Temple Mount to visit the Jew Most Holy Site, Zion, where we got to mingle with the local orthodox Jews and pray at the Western Wall of the Great Temple of the time of Jesus. It was an amazing experience for all! We begin Day two tomorrow and will report again!

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