Monday, January 7, 2013

MMI International Report LIME PERU 2012


Over ten thousand (20,000) leaders gathered at the largest convention dome in the beautiful city if Lima, the Capital city of the Latin America nation of Peru the 2012 Communidad Cristiana Agua Viva National Leadership Conference hosted by one of the largest Ministries in South America, Agua Viva International.

Business, Political, Religious, Industry, and Professional Leaders gathered for this strategic Latin American Summit in the emerging economic giant, Peru under the conference theme: "Transformation".

Conference host, Dr. Peter and Mirtha Hornung welcomed special guest speakers for the 2012 leadership event, Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe for the fourth time to Lima Peru.

"Dr. Munroe's impact on our nation Peru, our churches, government and business sectors has been tremendous and we expect him to return every year to help our people advance in leadership responsibility." said Dr. Hornung.

Former Congresswoman, Mrs. Mirtha Hornung stated: "Dr. Munroe and his wife Ruth have become a part of the national and spiritual development of our nation Peru, and as a result of their leadership training sessions, we know we will never be the same. We can feel and see the transformation in our people including the Government leaders."

Dr. Munroe was also invited to receive the Highest honor of the Government of Peru by the Vice President of the Congress of Peru to receive the Congressional Media of Honor. Dr. Munroe was presented with the Government's National Recognition Certificate. On Monday July 1st Dr. Munroe will be invited to the Congress session to receive the Congressional Medal which will presented by the President.

Dr. Munroe facilitated leadership training session and advised national government and church leaders on matters of servant leaders.

"Today is a defining moment for country and Ministry" said Mr. Peter Hornung President of Agua Viva, "Dr. Munroe is seen as a gift to our nation and Government and we are believe this congressional Medal Honor is deserving of His contribution not only to our Nation and Ministry to all of Latin America"

Dr. Munroe after receiving the official presentation of the national recognition responded, " I am humbled, honored and surprised to receive such an high honor and recognition and consider it a privilege to serve the people of Peru and the Latin American world" he said. "I receive this honor on behalf of the people of the Bahamas, Caribbean and International Third World and Bahamas Faith Ministries International." said Dr. Munroe.

"We are honored to have had a man from another nation of such influence give me the inspiration to serve my people with new understanding, and I will from day this day forward, practice the principles he shared with me on the philosophy of Jesus Christ and Servant leadership." said an inspired Vice President of the Congress.

Dr. Munroe was asked to speak on the subjects of Leadership, Vision and Authority and Family development. Thousands responded to each day sessions and evening plenary sessions in the convention center in Lima Peru.

After speaking to over 20,000 leaders in Lima Peru, Dr. Munroe and his wife Ruth were then hosted at a special reception with over one hundred leaders at the Lima Sheraton Hotel and were invited to return to Lima for the 2013 national leaders summit.

"I wish to thank all of our members, partners, Trustees and international friends for your support of our MMI/BFMI/ITWLA Global Leadership Mission to Transform the Destiny of Nations through Leadership Training". - Dr. Myles Munroe.














Over 2000 leaders from one hundred and eighty six nations gathered in Jerusalem for the 2012 ALL NATIONS LEADERS CONVOCATION at the Ramat Rachel Hotel and Conference Center where Dr. Myles Munroe from the Bahamas was the principle speaker for the fourth year consecutively.

Government, Corporate, Religious and professional Leaders from every continent attended this year’s major leadership event Hosted by Dr. Tom and Kate Hess, President and founders of All Nations Convocation Jerusalem celebrating the twenty fifth Jubilee Anniversary. The global event plenary session and featured special tracks including Business leaders Summit, Government Leaders Seminars and a Women- in- Leadership seminar.

The International All Nations Leaders Convocation in Jerusalem welcomed Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe who both were speakers this year and drew leaders from around the world including Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mali, Nigeria, Uganda, Somalia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, American Samoa, Australia, Jordan, Burkina Faso, Switzerland, China, Belgian, Russia, Taiwan, Israel, Fiji and the United States. Dr. Munroe facilitated sessions on leadership development, Government and Kingdom Principles.

Ruth Munroe was featured speaker for the ALL NATIONS 2012 CONVOCATION JERUSALEM ISRAEL’s first Women’s Leadership Seminar focusing on Women in leadership. Scores of women packed out the standing room only facility and testified of the impact Mrs. Munroe made on their lives at the Israel Leaders Summit yesterday.

The Primary event in Jerusalem All Nations Convocation was the special Government leaders Day on Sunday which begin with a special closed session with Arab and Jewish leaders at the Mount Zion Hotel focusing on the unifying foundations of the people of the Middle East and the role of Israel in international relations. Dr. Munroe along with Arab and Jewish leaders addressed the subject Arab Reconciliation and Peace with an audience of Government leaders from over 30 nations.

Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe along with heads of government, parliamentarian, senators, African Kings, Chiefs and Congressmen and women were welcomed to the Israeli Government Knesset to meet with leaders of the Government.

Dr. Munroe and the delegates from over forty nations were addressed by the Vice Prime Minister of Israel, Hon. Moshe Ya’alon, who presented a full discourse on the past present situation facing Israel. The Vice Prime minister spoke on the biblical promises concerning Israel and the fulfillment of prophecy in our life time. The Vice Prime Minister of Israel, Hon. Moshe Ya’alon Also addressed the challenge of the Palestinian two-state issue and the tensions surrounding Iran pursuit of nuclear weapons and it implication for the whole world. The Dr. Munroe presented questions to the Government leader from Security to education.

The final event of the day was special “Covenant leaders Dinner” at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where Dr. and Mrs. Munroe along with the delegation of Government leaders from over 40 nations meet with Knesset Members including Cabinet members, Civic leaders and Religious leaders from Israel. Dr. Munroe was asked to close the session with a brief address when he thanked the Knesset members and all leaders for their contribution to serving the purposes of God in the region and working for peace in the City of peace- Jerusalem- with a hope for a better future.

Dr. Munroe was invited to return as a key note speaker again for the 2013 All Nations Leaders Convocation Jerusalem.


Dear Friends,

Shalom and Greetings from Jerusalem Israel!

Ruth and I along with my partner and brother Roni Wexler along with over 120 kingdom citizens and pilgrims from over 30 nations began our first day today in Jerusalem Israel for our ISRAEL KINGDOM STUDIES TOUR.

The excitement and anticipation was like electricity as the global group arrived at the Ramada Jerusalem Luxury Hotel in the heart of Jerusalem.

Partners, Kingdom students, Friends and Family, Pastors, Teachers, Laymen and Professionals joined Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe for the years' 2011 Israel Kingdom Studies tour.

Dr. Munroe led the group of excited pilgrims to the Model of Jerusalem, then to Shrine of the Book to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, and then it was on to the peak of Mt. Scopus, where the group saw their first view of the City of Jerusalem.

Dr. Munroe then led the group of over 120 pilgrims to the UPPER ROOM in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. The excitement in the air was unbearable as the group gathered in the place where the Church began on the Day of Pentecost.

As the 120 believers gathered in the Upper Room, Dr. Munroe mounted the steps of the Upper Room and began his first teaching session on the Return of the Kingdom Governor, the Holy Spirit to earth in that room 2000 years ago.

Worship rang out the same Spirit that fell in that room 2000 years ago fell again as hands went up in praise and worship and all began to speak in other tongues.

On leaving the upper room Dr. Munroe led the group to the Temple Mount to visit the Jew Most Holy Site, Zion, where we got to mingle with the local orthodox Jews and pray at the Western Wall of the Great Temple of the time of Jesus. It was an amazing experience for all! We begin Day two tomorrow and will report again!

Swiss Economic Forum 2012


Bahamian Leadership Coach and Consultant Dr. Myles Munroe was welcomed as the highly estimated Keynote-Speaker at the Swiss Economic Forum this week in Interlaken Switzerland. In the auditorium of over 1300 entrepreneurs, politicians, top executives and key people from the field of politics, science and media headed by chief host Mr. Stefan Linder commenced in the leadership and economic conference.

Dr. Myles Munroe was invited to present the keynote session at the SWISS ECONOMIC FORUM along with other Government and Corporate leaders on the topic of "Leading in times of Change and Crisis." It was the first time Dr. Munroe was officially in Switzerland and he also address leaders in the capital city of Berne for two additional days.   

The Swiss Economic Forum was founded in November 1998 by the two young enthusiastic entrepreneurs Stefan Linder and Peter Stähli. Within five years, the Swiss Economic Forum became a top national organization for the encouragement of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe.

 Every year, 1300 leaders from business, politics, science and media participate at this unique high-profile summit. Dr. Myles Munroe was welcomed to The Swiss Economic Forum which bring together more than 1‘300 Entrepreneurs as well as selected politicians, top executives as well as representatives from academia, NGOs, science and the media.

Stephan Linder, host of this historic event expressing his excitement in have Dr. Munroe as this year's Swiss Economic Forum said "In total, more than 1‘300 participants gather for this high profile two-day event. We are focussing on the crucial issues and trends that are shaping business today and tomorrow. We focus on human resource, global business, innovation up to leadership and upcoming opportunities." He continued, "Dr. Munroe's unique perspective on leadership makes him an excellent contributor to our efforts here in Europe"  

Enormous Media impact

Dr Myles Munroe was introduced to the broad European Community through The Swiss Economic Forum which generates enormous media attention every year. More than 13 hours of live broadcasting is produced by Swiss State Television (SF). The forum attracts every year more than 120 journalists organizations, editors in chief, and several radio stations. The live broadcasting has an average audience of 150‘000 people.

World Leaders @ Swiss Economic Forum

Dr. Myles Munroe name has been added to a list of outstanding world leaders who have graced the stage at the Swiss Economic Forum. The world’s most renowned figures in the field of economic, leadership, science and innovation share their insights and provide actionable strategies for improving the company’s performance. With our program, we bring in a new awareness of the need for business that is sustainable both economically and environmentally and therefore redefining the playing field on which businesses at every level can operate in the future. Every year the Swiss Economic Forum brings together an incredible line up of outstanding international speakers. With their tailor made speeches and background information they provide and share with the participants and entrepreneurs they generate a new awareness for of the need of business that is sustainable, both economically and environmentally and therefore redefining the playing field on which businesses at every level can operate in the future.Dr. Munroe is now in the company of great leaders In the past, including personalities such as former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, former US Vice-President Al Gore, serial entrepreneur Richard Branson, former premier minister of the united kingdom Tony Blair, former WTO Director-General Michael Moore, former President of Germany Gerhard Schröder, Mary Harney Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, Anita Roddick, Founder and President of “The Body Shop”, Dr. Victor F. Vekselberg, Russian entrepreneur and investor, Dr. Daniel Vasella, Chairman and CEO Novartis AG, Ruedy Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York City and many more. Of course every year the president of the Swiss government is among our keynote speakers, too.

Dr. Munroe and his wife Ruth continued on their speaking tour to Amsterdam Holland and Rome Italy.