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Ghana 2012


His Excellency Professor John Evans Atta Mills, the President of the Republic of Ghana met with Dr. Myles Munroe and his delegation this week and spoke of Ghana's spiritual commitment to God and the Biblical foundations and that's its future is in God's hands.
World acclaimed Bahamian multi-gifted teacher, motivational speaker, leadership consultant, entrepreneur, businessman and statesman, Dr. Myles Munroe has said the oil find in Ghana makes the country one of the leading emerging third world countries at a time when first world countries were experiencing a consistent financial meltdown.

Dr. Munroe and his wife Ruth were welcomed to the Capital of Ghana, Accra by the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Hon. John Dramani Mahama, Ho. E.T. Mensah, Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing, and Vice President Chief of Staff K.S. Baffoe Bonnie. Accompanying Dr. Munroe to Ghana on this official leadership Training tour were Mrs. Ruth Munroe, Dr. Peter Morgan, President of the International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA), Vice President of ITWLA, Mr. Charlie Masala and Member of ITWLA, Miss Celia Collins.
Dr. was hosted by Dr. Kingsley Fletcher, a long time member of the Board of Trustees of ITWLA.
“Dr. Munroe and your delegation, you are all welcome back home to your roots here in Ghana and we look forward to this launching the beginning of official relations with our Bahamian Family, especially those of the diaspora,” said the Vice President. 

Dr Munroe thanked the Vice President and the Government of Ghana for the warm reception and introduced his party of ITWLA delegates to the Vice President “These are times when it is okay to be a third world country because the first and second worlds are melting down whiles there is an explosion of new opportunities in the third world countries and Ghana is one of those countries poised to experience economic explosion and assume a leadership role in Africa,” he said.

Dr. Munroe was speaking at a press conference at the beginning of his five-day visit to Ghana to hold business leadership seminars for present and aspiring business leaders in Ghana, and also to meet with top politicians, including President John Evans Ata Mills and other leaders. Dr. Munroe team consists of Mrs. Ruth Munroe, Dr. peter Morgan, President of the International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA), Mr. Charlie Masala, Vice President of ITWLA.

The visit was at the invitation of renowned Ghanaian international pastor, leader, consultant, diplomat, statements, and businessman Dr. Kingsley Fletcher, and it is being facilitated by Sparrow International.
It was designed to tap into the expertise, years of experience and deep knowledge of Dr. Myles Monroe on business, Christian, community, international and political leadership devoid of corruption, and characterized by integrity, and how that could drive economic development in Ghana.
The highlights of the visit were the Achievers Power Dinner held on Friday, March 2, 2012, at the Accra International Conference Centre with business leaders; where over 1000 leader attended two session of training with Dr. Munroe, and the Aspirers Power Breakfast on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at same venue, where mote the 1000 aspiring youth leaders were motivated to achievement their leadership potential.

Dr. Munroe said this was the first time in 15 years since he last visited Ghana and he was already impressed with the massive physical infrastructure he had seen in Ghana so far, adding that the people of the Bahamas considered Ghana as their roots so he was happy to return to Ghana with the good news that “things are going to get better in Ghana soon.”
He said it was important to understand that in the scheme of global events where the economies of first world countries were breaking down, it was important to note that Africa was not part of the banking system of the first world so Africa would emerge when the first world falls.

“The future belongs to the emerging economies and Ghana is one of them and perhaps that is why you have begun to tap into (oil and gas) resources which have been hidden for thousands of years until now – it is no coincidence that Ghana discovered oil at a time when the West is falling – this is because Ghana is destined to be a leader in the emerging world,” he said.

He predicted that the explosion of opportunities which have begun in Ghana would attract thousands of real foreign direct investments into Ghana, adding that he was personally going to champion investments from the Bahamas and from other parts of the world into Ghana.

“I reach millions of people with my television programs across the world and I am going to use that platform to project the tourism and investment opportunities in Ghana and drive investors into the country,” he said.
Dr. Munroe noted that Ghana’s thriving democracy, characterized by at least two smooth transitions of change of power was a plus to the country because it assured investors of political, economic and social stability.
He however noted that without a solid, strong, competent, and well-grounded leadership, no nation or organization could experience and sustain any meaningful development.
Dr. Munroe said the oil find puts Ghana on the verge of becoming global player but that also creates the temptation for corruption, which therefore requires that the resource find be balanced with the development of morally sound leaders, who would ensure that the profits from the resources benefits the entire country.

“This is where I come in - I have worked with presidents and governments across the world training leaders with integrity to run the affairs of nations and I have come to believe that leadership is key to the progress of any country or organization – of something goes wrong or right with the progress of a country or business it is always because of leadership,” he said.

Dr. Munroe said nothing happens, changes, improves or is corrected without leadership and the state of the followers depends on the one leading them - so if the leader is weak and incompetent that would reflect on the followers and eventually on the entire community, organization or country.

He assured Ghanaians that during his meeting with business, political, community and religious leaders, over the five days he is in Ghana, he would pass on very practical principle-based and purposed-driven leadership skills which have worked for him as the founder and owner of five successful global businesses, worked for his country, Bahamas, and for other countries and multinationals he mentors.

“I would also be addressing the issue of national vision because without vision the country will go in circles; and I will also touch on youth development because the future of the country depends on the competencies of the youth,” he said.
Dr. Munroe and his ITWLA Team met with His Excellency Professor John Evans Atta Mills, the President of the Republic of Ghana for a private consultation and after speaking at a private worship service at the Presidential Palace of Sunday afternoon spent time in personal prayer with head of state who did not hesitate to express his public faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the role of Christ in his National governance.  
"I am deeply amazed, moved and encouraged by the His Excellency's openness with his Faith; and his commitment to integrating the Kingdom of heaven's influence in his public duties. I hope many other world leaders would take an example of the President of Ghana and establish their public policies and national development programs on spiritual principles." said Dr. Munroe.


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